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25 December 2008 @ 02:29 am
Uwha... So I had christmas on the Eve instead of the day!

What I got!

A nice black pleather jacket!
I'm surprised my mom was able to get it for me because it's perfect! Usually she gets me things...she'd wear and- well we don't have the same taste there.

I also got a bowl for Ramen- with black choppy sticks and a juice spoon that's really cute! It's all black and the writing orange which means me recall Halloween~ which is my favored holiday.

I got a REAL tea cup~ one that has all the nick nacks-- this isn't any tea bag ceremony kind of tea cup either it's so cool and white and blue and looks very Victorian! Another weakness of mine.

I got a nice white blouse that's tailored~ and I got... which I think is the BEST... A sewing machine! YES! -Fist PUMP into the FUCKING AIR.-

I've wanted one for sooo long! Now I got one and now I have to go out and buy some ink- some navy blue fabric and maybe a few little buttons-- and get some fabric sheets! THEN! I shall... huu be makin' my plushie Axis power things.

I-- I can't wait.